Four killed in Yirol East County

By Mabor Riak Magok

 Four people have been killed in inter-communal clashes between Kuacdit and Kuacthii of Yirol East county of Lakes State last week.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Secretary General of Defunct Eastern Lakes State Barnaba Mayor Deng said the fighting was cause by cattle keepers who moved their cattle to nearby Yirol East County headquarters.

“We have deployed security forces to follow the suspects who caused the fighting so that they are brought to book for investigation,” said Mayor.

He said no suspect was apprehended by the police but the authorities said investigations are ongoing so as to bring the suspect to book.

He said the general situation in the area is calmed and under controlled by the security forces.

“It is true that two houses were burned down by angry youth who are cousin of those who have lost their relatives during the fighting.” He said.

Mayor Deng said the Governor went to the area to meet communities’ chiefs from the area.

“Now, the chiefs of two communities are going back to search the culprit,” said Mayor.

Governor Kulang said his mission to Yirol East was to discuss progress of peaceful disbarment with chiefs.

“The reason of travelling to Yirol east is to go and see the cause of fighting and to go and talk about peaceful disarmament with chiefs,” said Governor Kulang.

He said some of the chiefs took steps to collect guns, but wondered why clashes still imminent.

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