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Four killed, another injured in Nyirol county

By Jacob Bol Mayar

The authorities in Jonglei State confirmed that four people have been killed and another one injured in Thol Payam of Nyirol county by attackers suspected to be from GPAA.

 James Bol Makuei, the Commissioner of Nyirol County said that the incident occurred at 2 pm in the Payam one kilometer away from Nyirol Headquarters.

“ Over 1000 herds of cattle were raided while 3 people were killed on the side of armed criminals and later on the 1000 cattle were retrieved by the youths. Currently, we deploy youths in cattle grazing site and youths are in a defensive position and to protect their properties,”

He added that the two sisterly States signed a lot of peace agreements for which both States make sure they are committed to peace.

Meanwhile, Jai Adingornyia Alual, the minister for Information in Great Pibor Administrative Area said the information about the raid hasn’t reached his counterpart but my condolence to a family who has lost their loved ones.

“We are looking for the ways of implementing the durable peace in Greater Administrative Area and Jonglei and discourage the issue and we need the government to construct the road and schools in order to change the norms to the way to civilization”

Jai urged the government and the people of South Sudan to love their country such that the peace and development prolonged to our country and carry out the disbarment to discourage armed raiding and child abduction. 

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