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Four killed and two others injured in Pochalla South County

By Deng Ghai Deng

Authorities in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area revealed that four  people have been killed and two others injured by unidentified gunmen in Pochala South County on Monday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the minister of information in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area Jay Adingora Alual   said at least four people were killed and two others injured when a group of unidentified assailants attacked herders in Pochalla South County.

“The group of young men were herding their cattle when they felt in an ambushed. They exchanged gunfire and in the process two people were injured and four killed.” Alual said

Lokali Amea, the Chief Administrator for the Greater Pibor Administrative Area condemned the incident in Pochalla and said the security forces have been directed to hunt down suspected assailants so that they are brought to book.

 “I will talk to Pochalla South to send some soldiers to that area to search for those criminals. Because they went to attack other people and loot their property. As the government if we find people like that they will face the law.” Amea said

Chief Amea urged the local people in Pochalla to be calm and keep peace as the authorities Pibor hunt the suspects.

“Let’s unite ourselves to have one voice so that we can focus on development. Now we are left backward; we don’t have road connections, we don’t have good schools and we don’t have hospitals and these are the things the government should focus on if it’s not your problems of cattle raiding and road ambushes. So you need to help the government to stop all these things.” Amea added

Last month, at least four children were abducted and a woman critically injured in a road attack by armed men in Pochalla South County. The authorities said the incident occurred when a group of women and their children were waylaid by the assailants in the outskirts of Akila Payam headquarters, Okadi.

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