Four injured as thieves break houses in Jebel Yesua

By: Kidega Livingstone

At least four people got injured and hospitalized in a nearby clinic in Jebel Yesua after a group of thieves broke a house and harassed people in the area.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Mama Susan, one of the victims in Gudele Block 4 said thieves went at night in the area and broke their home asking for money and cell phones.

“My three children have been beaten seriously after the thieves entered inside our local fence. They asked for money but they got only four hundred South Sudanese Pound from one of my children. One of them was threatening to kill,” said Susan.

“Most of the households were affected and people hardly slept. Some people tried to call for rescue but we waited in vain,” she added.

She narrated that the group of thieves had guns, machetes and heavy iron bars used for braking doors and gates.

Rose Alanyo, one of the affected mother in block four told this newspaper that the group of thieves   used to disturb people in the area because most of the houses were not fenced and they were in open place.

She said many people in the area were affected since people started staying in the area.

“This is not the first time thieves are disturbing us here because most homes here are in the opene place and it is very easy for them to come to this place unlike other homes with a fences,” said Alanyo.

She appealed to the government forces to patrol the area to quell disturbances by criminals in the area.

Joseph Langoya, Deputy Chief for block four said that most of the thieves come from nearby blocks of Gudele. He said since the beginning of the year people in the area have not experienced criminal activities.

“They have been disturbing us, stealing and beating people in case you failed to give what they want last year but this year it was the first time. I think they will continue if police and organized forces did not work closely with us,” said Langoya.  

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