Four days given to celebrate Easter in churches

By Emelda Siama John

The Christians across the country have been given a Greenline to celebrate Easter holidays starting from todayApril 2 to Sunday April 4.

The secretary-general of Archdioceses of Juba, Fr. Samuel Abe Joseph revealed that the government temporarily lifted ban on religious gatherings to allow for the celebrationof Easter festivities in churches across the country.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday from Nairobi, Kenya, Fr. Joseph said the National Taskforce on Covid-19 gave the church a mandate to conduct Easter prayers and other celebrations in churches with observance of social distancing rules.

“Christians were allowed to celebrate Easter starting from today up to Sunday, then after that people will go back the normal lockdown,” Fr. Abe said.

“Then tomorrow (he was speaking on Thursday) is a good Friday that all Christians were waiting for Christ, there will be carrying of cross and generate the cross of Jesus Christ at evening tomorrow that now when Jesus in the tomb,” he added.

On Thursday the Archbishops of Archdiocese of Juba His Grace Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla in Kator, and Fr. Emmanuel Omollo and other priests led catholic faithful in vigil masscelebrated in Holy Rosary Parish in Buluk.

The event included the last supper and the washing of 12 feet of the disciples without Covid-19 restriction.

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