Four community chiefs under investigation in Tonj

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

The government of Tonj State has formed a committee to investigate four community chiefs who were earlier arrested for alleged community clashes over county name.

The four chiefs were arrested on 27th December 2019 following a fight between Moch and Panarik communities of Alabek County.

Sources said as the County Commissioner was meeting the two communities, a group of armed youth from one of the communities allegedly attacked the other in protest of the county name.

Speaking to Juba Monitor over the phone on Sunday, Information Minister, William Wol Mayam said the Committee would investigate the Chiefs to ensure accountability and justice.

“The suspects were identified to have spearheaded communal violence that left nine people dead and eleventh others injured. They will be investigated for taking the laws into their hands. The government will ensure the communities reconcile for them to live peacefully in the same county,” Wol said.

He added that last year some of the Lou community leaders reportedly rejected the Alabek name and wanted it to be changed to Lou County and the disagreement resulted to violent clashes that claimed the lives of the nine people.

No violence has erupted since the arrest of their ring leaders and the security situation is now calm, the Minister William stated.

“The suspects were under the custody of the government of Tonj State,” he said adding that the authorities are also holding two other youth who were arrested together with the Chiefs who are seen as the root causes of the Community violence.

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