Four arrested, quarantined in Kapoeta

By Elia Joseph Loful

At least three foreigners including a South Sudanese national have been arrested and quarantined in Kapoeta of Eastern Equatoria State, officials has confirmed.

The Secretary General of the defunct Kapoeta State David Eriga said the two Kenyans, one Chinese and a local entered Kapoeta through illegal route from Nadapal road.

He said the three allegedly moved on foot at night from Nadapal to Narus Town where they boarded a vehicle to Kapoeta.

“We got the information when we were for our regular meeting on update about coronavirus prevention, they crossed and boarded a vehicle in Narus town,” he said.

He said the illegal travelers were screened of their temperature and isolated, adding their condition was normal.

“Currently their temperature is normal but after 14 days incubation period if found negative we shall take them to court, because they have sneaked and entered the country illegally,” he said.

Eriga revealed that the Chinese national was once detained by the Ugandan authorities earlier but managed to escape to South Sudan.

“The Chinese person entered through Teretenya road but he has been checked and our health authorities are monitoring but his incubation period has elapsed. We got document that he was detained in Uganda for 14 days before he came to South Sudan,” he explained.

Mr. Eriga said the Chinese man who is about 30 years-old works at the gold mining site in Kapoeta.

“Yes the men works in South Sudan, they are dealing in gold mining,” he stated.

Illegal border crossing during the period of the coronavirus fears has been reported in Renk, Wau, Kajo-keji.

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