Four arrested for mysterious killing in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

Four people were arrested at Panda military barrack in Rumbek Lakes State in connection with mysterious killing, last week.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the deputy Chairperson of disarmament sub-committee in the State, Marik Nanga Marik said the four people arrested are the fathers of alleged suspects who carried out killing in Gan cattle camp.

“We were given four names of suspected murderers and this is where we sent chiefs to go and trace and bring those culprits. But the chiefs brought for us the four fathers of alleged suspects who killed people in Gan cattle camp and they are now arrested,” Nanga said.

Nanga said the suspected murderers were investigated however they denied the killing.

“When you are dealing with armed youth militants, they should be dealt with in the military barrack,” he said.

He said they were appointed by the State governor to monitor security situations in the state.

He appealed to communities to cooperate with the State government in apprehending the suspects who cause trouble in the society.

Marial Majok, a suspect said that they have been locked in unknown detention facility in Panda military barrack in Rumbek for two days now.

“When the incident occurred in Gan cattle camp, my son was here in Rumbek and the other father’s sons were in the village and others were in the cattle camp. They have no link with the unknown gunmen killings in Gan cattle camp,” suspect Marial explained.

He appeals to the disarmament sub-committee who arrested them to produce people who accused their sons over unknown Gunmen killings in Gan cattle camp.

The Chairperson of civil society organization network in Rumbek Lakes State Hakim Cipuounyuoc Awur said it is unlawful for the disarmament sub-committee to arrest people without proper evidence.

“It is the role of the law enforcement agencies, the police to investigate and arrest the suspects not in the military barrack where civilians are being tortured, but in the prison after the presiding judge ordered the arrests,” said  Cipuounyuoc.

He argued that inter-communal cases should be handled by law enforcement agencies, the judiciary and prison without military interference.

“According to human rights, it is totally wrong to arrest innocent person on behalf of someone’s crime. That is completely wrong,” the Activist echoed.

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