Forty three inmates released by legal organization

By William Madouk Garang

South Sudan Justice and Human Right Observatory Group (JAHRO) revealed that they have released 43 prisoners to minimize congestion.

A two-month screening by Justice observatory group led to release of 43 prisoners including juveniles who were framed with charges but without enough evidences.

Observatory Group, is a legal support organization which provides a free legal aids mobile clinic to any person whose human rights were endangered and could not afford to hire a lawyer due to financial constraint.

The group believed in a just society where rule of law becomes the fundamental tools for governance, justice and respect to human right, a culture of a democratic society and people speak by law.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the Executive Director of the Organization, Godfery Victor Bulla said they represented those with no financial ability to hire lawyer and they were working to abolished death sentences.

“In the process of screening, we look at issues of concern, issues of urgent attention so, we were looking at how do we help these people and the number is too big for us? so, we assigned each lawyer with a case for instance, those who are still under trial we assign each person a case to follow,” Bulla Said.

“In two-month, period, we were able to have in our record 43 people released from prison as of our daily intervention, the people released comprises of juveniles and male adults,” he added.

He also added that they managed to unchain the man who was sentenced to death and they helpedto correct his death sentence case to life imprisonment.

“We provide free legal aid for people who cannot afford to hire the lawyer to represent them, we work for the abolition of death penalty and we also bring the juveniles who are undergoing capital offenses and represent them,” he stressed.

“JAHRO is not only representing south Sudanese, anybody within the territory of South Sudan since the cannot afford is endangered, we do the intervention,” he reiterated.

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