Former UN Radio Journalists, George Livio released from detention

The security authorities on Friday have released a journalist working for a UN radio station in the troubled country two years and a half after his detention. According to a statement released by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) George Livio, who worked for Radio Miraya including UN security guard James Lual Tharjiath had been in jail since 22 August 2014 without trial. The reporter was arrested in the north-western town of Wau. Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) appreciates the security authorities for the remarkable act they did for releasing George Livio. It is demonstration of spirit for creating conducive environment for successful national dialogue declared by our president. Setting George Livio free from detention is great action and good response by the security to our campaign for George Livio to be unconditional release.

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO says the security authorities have done well for release George Livio at the current moment where the nation is heading towards national dialogue. In same spirit for releasing George Livio, CEPO is honorably urging the leadership of the country and the security to release all the political detainees under detention as symbol of compromise for creating reconciling atmosphere for national dialogue. Our president H.E. Salva Kiir has said in several events that under the spirit of national dialogue, all politicians’ detainees will be set free. This was said during the national pray day dated 10th March, 2017 and during the swearing-in of the national dialogue steering committee dated 22nd May, 2017. In honorable manner CEPO is urging the security authorities for the release of the other two persons detained together with George Livio. Time has come for us as South Sudanese to find owned solutions to our political crisis.

Creating respect for observation of human rights values is a great element of creating conducive environment for interactive, non-confrontational and productive national dialogue. CEPO is kindly call all state authorities to observe respect for human rights values for creating conducive environment for gaining momentum for productive and inclusive national dialogue. Further, CEPO calls upon every citizen to also observe personal duties and responsibilities for safeguarding human rights values during the national dialogue. CEPO will be working on observation of human rights values during the national dialogue process. Mr. Yakani stressed

Finally, CEPO is calling every South Sudanese to opt for non-violence approach for resolving any political difference. Violence never gains.

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