Former officials in Amadi ordered to return assets

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Secretary General of the former Amadi State has ordered all former states’ employees to return back all the state assets.

Addressing the high level committee formed on Monday, Benjamin Commander Gayos said his order was to speed up the implementation of the Presidential decree that reverted the 32 states to ten.

He said it should not be a chance to some people to disappear with the former State’s assets.

“I urge the committee to make sure that all the state assets whether with some individuals or in some locations, offices or homes are registered and brought back to the headquarters before the upcoming government is formed,” Commander said.

Commander further directed the committee to register all the employees of Former Amadi State including the State Counties.

In a related directive, he also called on the Director Generals of the former Amadi State to create awareness about the recent changes to their staff.

He urges all the former Amadi State officials to respect his directives adding that people should leave greediness and selfness.

The high level committee comprised of state Directors Generals and the representatives of organized forces in Mundri the capital city of former Amadi State.

After President Salva Kiir returned the country to the former ten states plus three administrative areas, he dismissed all the governors of the former 32 States from their duties and directed that all the Secretary Generals act as the caretakers of the former States.

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