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Former official to sue governor over “extra-juridical killing”

[L-R] Joseph Maker Mathiang, political advisor;EnochMachuocMayolMalouPec County commissioner and JosephLingudiKuyokFormer Commissioner of Tiaptiap County

By Staff writer

The former commissioner of Tiaptiap County says he will file a lawsuit against Gok state Governor Madhang Majok for allegedly executing one of his relatives.

Joseph Lingudi Kuyok said the governor executed his uncle’s son in February this year.

“I am filling a court case against the governor for taking law into his hands by executing people publicly without following legal court procedures,”Lingudi told Juba Monitor.

“Death sentence is only confirmed by the President of the Country not a governor… so my uncle’s son was unilaterally shot dead under the order of the governor.”

The former commissioner further alleged that the governor also executed two prisoners fromDuony County in April the same yearbefore trails.

“He [governor] without the knowledge of the president, decided to removethe prisoners from Cueibet prisons and took theminto the forest for firing squad,” said Lingudi.

The former commissionercalled for removalof the sate governor saying: “MadhangMajok is working in isolation he continues to take decisions that undermine the supreme laws of the country.”

Attempts by Juba Monitor to contact Gok State Governor MadhangMajokfor comment have been fruitless by press time.


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