Former minister forcefully evicted

By Yiep Joseph

Stand-off loomed between the national Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the Central EquatoriaState government over eviction of former Jubek state officials from their residences.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Rose Lisok Paulino, former Minister of Gender and Social Welfare of the defunct Jubek state who was also a victim of eviction narrated that the state government continued with the operation to evict all the former Jubek states Officials regardless of the order of stay of eviction and proceeding made by the National Ministry of Justice and constitutional affairs.

“Central Equatoria state government gave us (former Jubek state officials) an order to leave all the state premises citing that thirty-two states government is no more but we brought the case to the attention of the ministry of Justice who later responded with an order of stay of eviction and proceedings but the state government turned it down and continue with eviction” Rose explained.

“They are targeting us; they have so far evicted three Ministers forceful from their houses and they wanted to evict me but this will not happen I am not going anywhere from this house” she decried

She revealed that the state government in collaboration with state security had thrown her property outside and caused a lot of destruction at her home while she was absent.

“What surprised me is that yesterday when I came back from attending a function for women group, I found my house scattered all my property, beds, clothes and everything outside and the houses locked” she complained.

Rose added that the procedures followed by the state government to carry out the eviction were wrong.

“The Minister of housing in collaboration with the police stormed my house yesterday at around eleven AM (11:AM)scattered my property but according to the eviction Act I think it is not the Minister who is supposed to evict me even the governor can not do it alone, he has to consult the National Ministry of Justice” she complained.

She revealed that she had no where to go since the government has not paid her dues as a former Minister of the defunct Jubek state.

“Iam going to remain here,I am not going anywhere because I have worked with this government for four and half years and my dues are not paid and have no any other sources of income. if the pay us our dues we will just go because this is a government house and iam not going to stay here for the rest of my life” she decried.

Rose added that the committee that was formed by the state government to look into issues faced those officials who were affected by the dissolution of thirty-two states failed to yield fruit.

She called on the National government to intervene and bring solution before more former Jubek state Officials were send out of their houses by the state government.

However, in the two documents seen by Juba Monitor, the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs on 17th of September made an order of stay of eviction and proceedings which was later replied with a letter dated 24th September by the Government of Central Equatoria State which certainly defiedthe order.

“I refer to the eviction proceedings of some former constitutional post holders of Central Equatoria State being carried out by authorities of the said state which was recently brought to our attention by Advocate Arop Malueth Manon on behalf of the occupant’s subject of the eviction. Since the eviction process are being contested before the Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, therefore you are hereby directed to stay the eviction proceedings against the occupants until the decision is passed on the complaint” the statement reads.

“I would like to bring to your notice that the internal proceedings of the Government of Central Equatoria state are being interfered by the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. We are implementing the decision of theState Council of Ministers to evict illegal occupants of government houses after exhausting all the legal procedures according to the eviction Act, 2006. The state government is proceeding with the eviction and any aggrieved individuals is free to contest it in the courts of Law” the statement reads.

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