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Western Lakes State former governor Brig. Gen. John Deng Mamer [file photo]

By Mabor Riak Magok

Public prosecution Attorney in Western Lakes State has issued an arrest warrant for the former governor of Western Lakes State John Deng Mamer Yuol over charges of confiscating and grabbing of former Director General Dut Riak Marol properties and money.

Yuol was also charged of using his personal police security guards at night in Rumbek.

On Wednesday, the Public prosecution attorney issued arrest warrant instructing any policeman in Rumbek Central County. John Deng Mamer stands charged with the offence under section 346/223/283 of the penal code act 2008 and is directed to be arrested.

“Any policeman in Rumbek Central County who knows the whereabouts of John Deng Mamer who stands charged with the offence under section 346/223/283 of the penal code act are directed to arrest the sued person and bring him before the crime officer in charge of the police station in Rumbek Central County (R.C.C),” the warrant read in part.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the plaintiff Dut Riak Marol appealed to the former governor to peacefully return his belonging.

“I only want my belongings; the phones, laptop computers, documents, 4 000,000 SSP and, 8,114 USD,” he said.

Attempts to reach the former governor Mamer was futile by press time.

The police spoke person of Western Lakes State police service Captain Elijah Mabor Makuac said the police authorities have not received the arrest warrant yet.

“The arrest warrant has not yet come to us. The former governor was a big person and may be the case is still at the higher authorities of the government,” Capt. Elijah said.

However, the former governor was free to go anywhere he wishes without being questioned, “But when it comes into law then there is nobody above the law. Everybody is operating under the law”.

“If he has committed any crime the police will act accordingly based on the law to arrest or take him before the Court if the court requested the police authority,” said Elijah.

“The police are law enforcing agencies and our capacity and capabilities depend on the law and action that can be enforced. Everything to us has stages of how to do it to restore law and order,’ he said.

However, last month president of the State High Court of Lakes State Mathiang Kuac Mathian dismissed the corruption case leveled against the former Director General under section 226 of the South Sudan Criminal Procedures Act 2008.

The high court urged the former governor Mamer to return the money and properties belonging to the former Director General.


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