Former gang now using music to preach love

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Joel Yanga Mario aka J Yang is a former gang member who quit the vice and ventured into doing rap music to preach about peace and love.

After finding out there are no benefits in being a gang, J Yang famously known as the Arabic Juba flow rapper who rose to fame with his single don’t go is a testimony of a transformed gang boy.

J Yang was influenced to join Gang life because of his talent in rap music and his main role was to write lyrics that were used to diss other gang groups in Juba city.

After years in the Gang life, the electrical engineering student at University of Juba is now a full time rapper and poet whose music and new life has influenced so many young rappers to join the positive life of preaching for love through music.

J Yang’s message for the other gang groups in the country is for them to quit the vice and join meaningful life in the society and also play their role to nation building.

“I quit the gang life because to me there was nothing productive in being a gang, we spent a lot of time and money doing unproductive things instead of venturing into activities that will move the country forward and this explains why I rap and preach love and positivity through music,” said J Yang.

Being a gang was peer influence and J Yang revealed that some of the gang members he was with quit the game because majority have families with wives and great responsibilities to play in their personal development.

J Yang’s music focus on the lives of the youth in the country and how his music can impact on their lives.

“As a young man, I watch the day to day lives of majority youth struggling with school, early teen’s pregnancy and drug use and transform such experience into a song so that the message is understood,” said Yang.

J Yang is not only a rapper but also a basketball player when not doing music.


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