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Former Central Upper Nile officials plea for salaries

By Correspondent

Former officials of the Central Upper Nile State have appealed to the National Government to urgently intervene in the stalemate regarding their salary arrears.

In a press statement, they said, “We the former constitutional post holders are hereby requesting the national government to ask the state governor to release our salaries and arrears.”

They are claiming six months salaries that cover the months of January, February, March, April, May and June this year.

The newly appointed Governor Peter Chol Wal assumed office in June and issued a decree that relieved the officials from their positions.

Yesterday, the officials said, “We are requesting the national government to intervene by pressuring for release of our salaries and arrears plus civil servants’ salaries.”

They observed that the Government of South Sudan under the able leadership of President Salva Kiir has done well in areas of human rights protection.

“The President has been at the fore front in promoting democratic principles and respect for human rights values. This is why we fully support his leadership, we kindly appeal for his mercy,” said Simon Akech Wal  Lat on behalf of the group.

The group includes Juac Deng  Abur, former Advisor on Peace, Majwok former Advisor on Girl Child Education, Peter  Kuol  Chol Awan, former Minister of Education, John Kur Chol, former Minister of Local Government, Yor  Akec, former Minister of Agriculture, Peter  Riak  Thon, former Mayor of Malakal town, Simon  Akech  Wal  Lat, former Secretary General for Revenue Authority and Dr. Akum  Deng, former Minister of Health.

They said the country should focus on reconstructing livelihoods, social and economic situations of the civilian population and shun any form of violence.

“We should therefore not tolerate any form of corruption, abuse of power which generates serious political and social contradictions and only end up in violent conflicts,” Akech said.

He said most of those affected by the sacking can neither afford to pay schools fees for their children nor feed their families because they have not been paid their dues for six months.

“Some of us are ageing and do not have any source of livelihoods, we kindly appeal for the government’s intervention,” Akech said.

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