Forgiving the leaders

By Agar Mayor Gai

It is as if when one is given a public position, it creates in us a new understanding of our life and for others. We start behaving and acting in the way of brutality and care less about the interests and needs of others. Is this really the nature of public duties? Are we only there to annoy and mistreat the lay people through denial of their needs?

Surely, a big no has these two questions as the answer. A public service is meant to mean more than good to all people of this or any other country. Public service, from its natural and harmless meaning and purpose, solves political, economic and social problems of any society.

In countries with a standing and accountable public service, no disunity, tribalism and eventually corruption have their existence. All the people both in the national service and others aim at one thing, the general progress of their people and country. But though, our nation has not this kind of public service. Is it the leaders with the problem? Yes, the leaders have a hand in the downfall of our national service. They lack direct supervision and as such there is not as single chain of command in this country. Everyone is a leader in his field of action.

This should not rather have been the perception of those with the public duties and the ones to be. However, the fact that this perception by some public servants is not being turned around by the overall leaders such as Salva and others has sailed us up to this part of the world. Their failure to act against the inhuman practices such as killings, corruption and gender based violence if not because there is a good judge (God), must have shared of the agonies as a result of hurting others.

It is therefore true that a person charged of a certain crime against humanity if we, the humans be the judges, cannot surely escape the repercussions of their inhuman actions such as killing, raping and corrupting nation’s resources. However, before God judges this kind of people, He looks in to the minds of the affected ones.

 He looks into your heart and mind, the thought of a child denied going to school, the mind of the raped young girl and the minds of those, in the army, who always spend four or more months without a salary yet from the oil revenues, the making of a day can pay the whole salaries of all civil servants for a good number of months, the minds of those whose loved ones have been died in hospitals due to lack of medicines, ambushed and killed on the way to their respective homes, the minds of those whose fathers and mothers died in the cost of freedom but still what they fought against is yet to find its own way to the world of evil.

God sees in to the hearts of all these people and if they have not condoned the inhuman behavior against them by the leaders, the creator forgives the leaders not. He finds a way of punishing them. However, in His holy book, God says that love your neighbor as yourself. Even if our leaders do not keep up to this commandment, let us not be like them. Let us forgive them such that God counts us as the people doing His will on the face of this earth. Forgiving the leaders for their failure in all scopes of national service is all that is required of us by the heavenly creator. This forgiveness will make them revise themselves in a way that will bring positive changes to this nation.

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