Foreign workers face deportation

By Sheila Ponnie

The Ministry of Interior is set to deport at least 30 foreign workers.

Yesterday, Juba City Council Deputy Mayor Thiik Thiik Mayardit disclosed that the group includes top managers of Insight Security Company, formerly known as Warrior.

Insight Security Company has been on the spot over unpaid dues to its local employees with authorities threatening to shut it down.

According to Thiik Thiik Mayardit, the firm failed to pay its workers, among other things about 50,000 dollars annually since it was started 13 years ago.

“The decision was taken up by the leadership of the country and the responsibility was given to the Ministry of Interior so the Minister of Interior has taken the decision to deport them.

He said the 14 United Kingdom nationals and 16 Kenyans have been given 72 hours to pay the money before their deportation.

“They are supposed to pay all the dues, the dues that the Government wants from them and the dues for which the Insight Security Company employees want from them because they are supposed to pay the functions and everything which is needed by any institution in this country, they must pay them before they leave so the decision is made,” Thiik Thiik said.

He emphasized that if they fail to pay the dues, they will be arrested and a new management will be forced to pay the workers.

The Deputy Mayor confirmed that on several occasions, they had fruitlessly negotiated with the firm to pay its local employees in dollars as stipulated in their contracts.

Last week, Thiik Thiik explained that the security company was on top of the list of companies which have “maximally exploited our citizens.”

“The company is supposed to pay its UN assigned staff 347 USD monthly according to what we saw in their contract, an equivalent of 104,100 South Sudanese Pounds,” he said.

He said they found out that the UN stuff are paid only 32,000 South Sudanese Pounds per month.

“Meanwhile the company was deducting 72,100SSP from all the United Nations staff,” Thiik added.

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