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Foreign nationals have more rights than citizens

When should people know that citizens have more rights, duties and freedom of work or settlement in their country? Where in the World where people who have money (politicians and business people) ignore their fellow citizens and refuse their opportunities?

When will a citizen feel patriotic having enjoyed the fruits of work and living in his or her own country? It just because of money that some people are no longer patriotic to protect and develop their country, South Sudan?

It is a sad truth that foreign nationals are having more freedom than the owners of the country. This shouldn’t sound like discrimination but problems must be raised and addressed if the country needed to be developed.

Up to now, there are South Sudanese who still don’t have any legal documents such as birth certificates, National ID and Passport for reasons such as difficulty in the procedures of producing these documents, long-distance and lack of money required.

Citizens deed in the grassroots call themselves South Sudanese because this is the land of their ancestors, they were born and grew up here. But they have no documents that may identify them especially when they go outside South Sudanese. When it is time to go for emergent studies or medical journeys, they have to stressfully sweat to get such documents.

The sad thing is that outsiders come in and out easily, without strong restrictions. They just pay money to be given legal papers they need to work or permanently in South Sudan. Today most NGOs, big companies and businesses are giving more chances to foreign nationals rather than the citizens. They work and also make money in wrong ways such as dealing in drugs smuggling among other crimes. They are enjoying job opportunities and living luxurious life more than the owners of the land. Recently, it was reported that 41 passports were seized and 5 collaborators were arrested. Such are the people corrupting jobs mostly within big oil companies which would have been given to the citizens. Something must be done.

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