Forces trade accusation on road ambushes.

By Nema Juma

Accusations and counter-accusation involving Juba-Yei and Yei Maridi roads has seen triple reaction against one another with the National Salvation Front (NAS) pointing fingers at SPLM-IO and SSPDF and SPLM-IO pointing fingers at the NAS accusing each of being the perpetrator of the attack.

The triple accusations comes in the wake of several attacks that have been reported along the Juba –Yei and Yei Maridi Roads

NAS is pointing a finger at SPLM-IO and the latter is pointing a finger at NAS,while NAS equally accused SSPDF of collaborating with the SPLM-IO to beating the logic of peace agreement requirement that was supposed to be at honoured  by all parties to the agreements.

Last week vehicles carrying passengers from juba Yei road was attacked living one passenger, a woman dead  and the other one coming from Yei to Maridi Road was burnt.

While speaking to juba monitor, SPLM-IO Col. Lam Paul Gabriel claimed that it was NAS that was attacking the vehicles along those roads adding that they were trying to cease juba so that no vehicles could reach the town, adding the only road they could not attack was the Juba Nimule road and the roads going to Upper Nile region

“We all know the threat from Thomas Cirlo forces they are trying to cease juba so that no vehicles come to town. The only road that they cannot attack is Nimule and Upper Nile but  the roads going towards Western Equatoria in Maridi and Mundri from Juba  is becoming a little bit risky because of the activities of Thomas Cirilo” Lam said.

He stated that if there  were  ambushes along those roads they could be forces of NAS because  SPLM-IO could not attack  civilian and private vehicles because “ we have peace to implement following the security arrangement. There is no way we can attack civilian that will not be fair, our work is to protect them, he added

So the people behind the killing and the Ambushes on Juba-Yei and Yei Maridi roads are forces of Thomas Cirillo.

Meanwhile NAS spokesperson Suba Samuel  Manaseh, said that earlier they had issued a statement warning civilian not to move on the roads because both the SSPDF and the SPL-IO in Central and Western Equatoria states came together in operation against the NAS position.

“We were countering the offensive by those group especially in the areas of Lanya where they deployed all their forces in Yei –Juba  road and also in Maridi-Yei road, Jambu, Onduruba to Lanya are all their forces. If they are attacking vehicles on those roads, they must be both the SSPDF and the SPLM-IO the very  people who should explain what is exactly happening .,” Suba said.

He said that both the SSPDF and SPLM-IO have gone to the villages, to displace civilian taking, food and other items from them while at the same time attacking motorists

“For the NAS if there is SSPDF or military vehicle that are moving on the front line we shall attack them but we don’t attack civilian vehicles. if you have access to them on ground they will tell you the truth,

Our forces on the ground do not attack our own people, but we fight for the rights and dignity of our people of South Sudan. The oppressed people ,” Suba added

He said that the people who were attacking civilians were those who needed power at all costs adding that the country was going under a very difficult time of this  pandemic disease (COVID19) and instead of looking at the health of the citizens they were concentrating on offensive just to cover the failed agreement they signed and to cover for their weakness. 

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