FORCES Sent for training in Gorom

By: Sheila Ponnie

The Joint Military Ceasefire Commission (JMCC) has moved the first batch of Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition ((SPLA) from Wunulyet cantonment site to Gorom training centers.

The forces would be joined by the South Sudan People’s Defense Force, the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) and other forces.

Chapter 11 2:3:4 of the revitalized peace agreement provides for the establishment of the national army, police, national security service and other organized forces before the end of the Transitional period.

Brig. Gen Bol Aleng, the Chairperson of the Area Joint Military Ceasefire Commission (AJMCC) said they are fulfilling the basic demand of the revitalized peace agreement by sending the first phase of troops to be transferred from Wunulyet to the protection force center in Gorom and Rejaf training centers.

“Taking the troops to the training centers shows that we are implementing what we have signed as parties that belong to the nation. We are also showing the world that what have agreed upon is being implemented. It’s not again a process but it has come to an action,” Aleng said.

The 206 military personal will be trained in Gorom. Other forces that include the military, fire brigade personal and the national police who are 440 will be trained in Rombur training centers on the outskirts of Juba.

Last year, parties to the Revitalized peace Agreement agreed to intensify efforts to implement the outstanding issues to the pre-transitional task that they accepted to form the national unity Government by February.

Maj General Buda John Aban, Chairperson of Registration and screening of the JMCC committee for Forces of Government and Oppositions in Cantonment sites and Barracks in the Former Central Equatoria state advised the military to work together.

“What we want to tell you is that we are going to unite all the soldiers, the most important thing is that we have started the peace process and when you reach the training centers know that you are now united as South Sudanese military, you will meet with the Government forces in Gorom and forces from SSOA,” he said.

Aban further said that most of the training centers were ready despite the challenges that the cantonment areas face.

“Some of the areas are still covered by bush and there are no tools of clearing the bush, the issue of medication and water,” he highlighted some of the challenges faced at the cantonment sites.

Daniel Esock William, one of the soldiers told Juba Monitor that what makes him happy is the fact this is a milestone toward the formation of the new government.

“We are going to meet the Government troops and the other military forces but not as different forces, we are going to be jointed as South Sudanese and military for one nation,” he said.

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