FORCES-Launches committee to curb sexual violence

By William Madouk Garang

Joint Defense Board (JDB) yesterday launched a Joint Conflict-Related Sexual Violence(CRSV) Committee – a body designed to eliminate acts of sexual abusescommitted by armed forcesduring the country’s protracted conflict.

The CRSV committee would be a sharp-double-edged-sword to hold those military personnel who committedsexual violence against civilians regardless of their ranks and torestore the lost dignity of the army by bringing the image of the country back to normal and  be removed from ‘a shame list’.

Since 2013 crisis, sexual violence has been on the raise parties to the conflicts have subjected civilians, mostly women, girls to rape, gang-rape and other forms of violence which caused long lasting harm, sufferingandsanction. 

The event was themed ‘Free South Sudan from Conflict Related Sexual Violence’ and attended by UNMISS, US representative, other government officials and generals among other.

During the launching ceremony, the national minister of Health who was the guest of honor, Elizabeth Achuei Yol said that the document was rich in content and the remaining challenge was to put it into practice.

“I was chatting with General and I told him to be watchful because what your army do when you are around, is not what they do when you are not there. So it is better for us to have especially with this action plan one eye [must be] in the sky (monitoring),” Yol advised.

“It’s really a good document and if we really preach it to let people be responsible then we will not have a problem and we have to do as a country for our wellbeing and not because we were shamed or sanctioned,” she added.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Defense & Veteran Affairs, Gen. Chol Thon Balokurged the parties to the agreement to double their effort and implement peace especially chapter two so that such violence would not exist.

“We are here today to launch something as a result of war. We lost lives. Children and women were victims dead or alive,

“This is an action plan to free South Sudan from sexual violence and as a country that is not respecting human right and other international laws,”Balok said.

However, the Chair of CRSV implementing committee, Major-Gen. MalaakAyuenAjoksaid that some soldiers had committed heinous crimes that had made  the United Nation Security Council imposed sanction and arm embargo on South Sudan.

He added that for South Sudan to gain her glory and be removed from ‘a shame list’ a zero tolerance,CRSV-committee was formed to combat all sort of sexual violence and hold accountable the perpetrator.

“That is why this committee was formed to work hard and stop all these crimes so that we are delisted from the list of shame, so that we arerecognized as national army and be treated like other army in other countries,”Ajok explained.

A joint Conflict-Related Sexual Violence implementing committee iscomposed of nine members chaired by Major-Gen. MalaakAyuenAjok and deputized by Major-Gen. MadingKuolYaak.

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