FORCES Blamed for uncontrolled firearms

By Sheila Ponnie

Organized forces have been blamed for not controlling firearms resulting in the loss of lives and rampant robberies in the Country.

Speaking during the training of the military, police, national security and other organized forces, the Chairperson of Bureau for community Security and Small Arms Control Lt. Gen. Andrew Kuol  Nyuon Gew said high  level of arms in the hands of civilians came because of the mismanagement of stockpile by forces in Army, police and wild life.

Stockpile management is the best practices in the forces on arms and ammunition to enable them to be properly stored, manage inventories and maintenance of the records.

“The level of arms in the hands of people is alarming and it is a big concern to the region that is why the training is being carried out so that our people can gain the skills to control and manage our stockpile well. If we are not managing our stockpile well they can still spread over to the region which is bound to create insecurity, “said Lt.Gen.Kuol.

He emphasized that the physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM) is being conducted in order to control arms.

“Proliferation of arms in our Country and the region is a big challenge. That is why the training is carried out in order to assist in the control of arms.” he emphasized

During the session, the Deputy Minister of Interior,  Riaw Gatlier Chuol who was the guest of honour of the five days event  said training was conducted in order to manage stockpile to fight rampant loses of the firearms from the forces.

He said that proliferation of the firearms among the forces should be address in order to stop the spread of arms to criminal.

“As the country is now in peace we all hope that it will hold .it will be the turn for the leadership of this country to see the implementation of whatever polices.”

“Management of the guns in the stockpile need total peace because even if we manage now as a government we cannot control our stores, “he added. The event is organized by Regional Centre on Small Arms. The training is to cover physical security and stockpile management.

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