Odongo Odoyo

By Elia Joseph Loful (Guest)

According to the Revitalized Peace Agreement document, all forces to the parties are to be trained and unified as one national army. Though the process for the training started late, but the parties have explicitly made some good progress towards the program by preparing the forces ready for graduation and unification. Apparently, there seem to be fishy arrangement within the military ranking which the SSPDF Spokesperson Maj. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang attributed it to military ranking and retirement a benefit saying it was another stumbling block to graduation of unified forces. It looks like the graduation program has been suspended several times. So when should we expect the move to kick off? Is the public waiting for unexpected rain? How long will people wait to have organized security that protects the country and its properties? There should be no any hindrance towards the reformation of a genuine force needed to quell unexpected circumstances. If the process for uniting the forces prolong, this may cast doubts on the status of security arrangement as it was planned. I think this may as well reduce the number of personnel at the training centers. For sure the 83,000 necessary unified forces as required by the agreement more less may in one way or the other reduce significantly. According to media reports, over ten thousand soldiers are ready for unification. But it appears like this number less than the expected one, then if that is the case where the rest of the forces. What is really going on in the process of assembling these forces together? People are now wondering about the status of our forces, they are asking questions that no one outside there can answer. The reason why the public ask many questions is because security wise is a concern of the common people not for the technocrats. This is because the common people are all the time victims of the circumstances on the ground. The parties to the agreement should now show solidarity by harmonizing their forces without having individual interest attached. Do not permit positions and ranking system derail possible security arrangement? The army is the potential of any country not just to protect but also to provide other services as well. We need to see responsible army which is ready to deliver services to the people without harming the citizens.  

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