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Forceful Covid-19 measures may affect public

By Baraka John

Forceful Covid-19 measures may affect the public negatively,Police Commissioner in Western Equatoria State said.

Maj. Gen. James Monday Enoka the Police StateCommissioner said civil servants are facing difficultlife without receiving regular salaries for months, saying majority are trying to survive on dailybasis.

“So, we have not started to arrest people we have not yet begun to disperse gatherings in a way to enforce the recent partial lockdown, we the police are cooperating with Churches, I am happy because I have been attending all the Church services, all the Church leaders are emphasising the issue of social distancing to their Christians. We will continue to collaborate with other stakeholders so that sensitization is strengthened and awareness is made stronger, so that people can adhere and protect their lives. As of now we are actually not closing down places,”Enoka said.

Despite cases of the virus being reported in Yambio and Nzara Counties and the recent order banning all gatherings, people in the state continue to undermine the fact that Covid-19 is real.

 “You know the moment you begin to disperse people by force people will react and definitely you will be forced to arrest them and take them to jail and from there they have to be taken to the court. For us the police we are only doing daily routine meetings while observing the social distancing rule,”he said.

Enoka said the police will not disperse gatherings but rather continue to sensitise the population in the State to observe Covid-19 measures.

The State Ministry of Health has reported eleven people who were tested positive for Covid-19 out of the eleven three are in a critical conditionand are being placed under intensive care and out of the eleven six had died.

Miss Rose Obede Bara, the Director General at the State Ministry of Health said so far, the state has tested 390 people.

“There are six people who succumbed to the virus in our State in various places not all in Yambio but Nzara, Yambio, Mundri East and Mundri West. We advise institutions to put on facemasks, wash hands to use sanitizers frequently and keep social distance especially in big gatherings like funerals, Churches,”Obede emphasized.

Miss Rose said the State taskforce on Covid-19 has formed a committee to trace contacts of all the active cases at the critical centres. She is urging the public to stop the normal habit of hand shake, eating in the public placesand avoidinggatherings.

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