The Council of Ministers or the cabinet should put on hold for time being the use of US Dollars 800,000 approved for the road projects linking the country with Ethiopia. The two road projects are of necessity but came at the wrong time when the country is faced with a number of unresolved problems. Top in the agenda is hunger, which is threatening the lives of millions of starving country-men. These projects should be shelved for the time being due to the on-going insecurity which is equally making the lives of many unbearable with the continued displacement. The projects are of importance to the country to create fair trade and balance. But the situation as it is, for now, more food and shelter are needed than the roads. The two projects can only be undertaken if and when enough food is on the table for all and not in this kind of displacement where many people do not know where their next meal if any of the day will come from. We can only hope that reasons will prevail and top priority given to self-sufficiency on food for the hungry.  Reports from the international sources and from local angles, have given a faint picture depicting section of the country negatively where majority fend themselves by feeding on unimaginable stuff. We cannot prove these reports wrong because those charged with these responsibilities are themselves not doing much for the country. We should be a people with common goal and consideration to one another with prioritized agenda in our menu. Not the other way round. This is where we shall know how and when a case or an issue is of emergency nature. Hunger which is threatening the whole country is of this nature and must be treated on its own merit. Let the road projects be put on hold temporarily until the situation is improved.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

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