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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo
Managing Editor
Juba Monitor

For the better part of yesterday, l tried very hard to avoid my boss who was in terrible and bad predicament if not lousy mood. I knew why she was in this condition. Something was terribly wrong but this one, l will leave to her. All l wanted at that point in time was to keep to myself not to meet her wrath.  Knew when to approach her in such mood and that time was not yet, although circumstances pertaining to our work dictate that at one point or another, we must come face to face and share the day’s activities. I consulted with two of my colleagues, Anthony and Emma on how to approach the issue at hand which was disturbing the boss. After which l took courage and approached the boss in her Office. We had a chat and l took the opportunity to let her know that we were all concerned as she was, and immediately went into my own dream land thinking aloud about what the Bible tells us about forgiving and being God fearing person, she should be in the forefront of forgiving those who removed the article from the newspaper as she had done before to others. I found out that her anger was pegged on this. At my age l had come a long way and seen more in the world but all in all good or bad forgiveness is the only thing that can set one free. It is also important not to dwell on what people say or talks about you but live your life, well coined for yourself and up to your own standard without borrowing or imagining life. People will disappoint you or make you angry but take a good time to re-examine and consider what your life stand for or should be. Coming back to my attention, l remembered a chapter in theBible the book of Psalms: 23. It is an encouraging and consoling chapter to me every time l am faced with the worldly matters. As we break for Weekend, although, l do not have any, l would like to wish my colleagues and each and every one out a successful and peaceful weekend.  Do not forget to abide by the preventive measures. This thing called coronavirus is real and one needs to listen to the announcements to know the rate at which people are going. I am of the opinion that we who have a forum should not relax but should be in the forefront of educating and informing the general public the danger posed by the virus. Every time l walk or sit down and see people disobeying or violating preventive measures, I feel so sad because of the carelessness demonstrated and exposed forgetting how serious and dangerous the pandemic was. Some people are opposed against the use of face-masks but the truth is that preventive measures cannot be compromised.

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