The differences and conflicts that existed in Jonglei and Pibor should now take the back-stage as people from the area settle down to develop their back-yard. Since the final nail has been driven home in a peaceful atmosphere, the same should be the only way for the communities in the area to co-exist and live in harmony. Too much loss of human blood has been witnessed time and again that should now be done away with. President Salva Kiir Mayardit made it very clear that the communities are on their own and will not get more or any support from the government if they repeat the same past mistake of attacking and killing one another. He told them at the closure of the final conference organized by committee he had earlier appointed that the communities must learn to live together in peace and should not again get involved in war like activities which hindered development and cause injuries to the society in and around them. This is a hard fact which needs courage to bear. It needs the goodwill from the local and national leadership. The local administrations should make it their responsibilities to keep the communities in check and balance to avoid any intended future reoccurrence. Above all politicians from the area who are operating from Juba Should desist from sending alarming war like cries and enhance peace as the only tool for co-existence. Abduction of children and women and all kind of other activities that could cause conflicts should be avoided at all cost. The leadership has led the way by demonstrating goodwill, it is now up to the people themselves to follow suit and demonstrate that the work of the leadership and the committee that brought them together did not go to waste. It would be the best they could do for the present and the future generation.

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