Football team launched to enhance Social Fabric

By Kidega Livingstone

The Duluit Community Organisation launched a football team to build social communal cohesion within South Sudanese society.

The team called “Duluit FC” will play teams in Juba and other States in order to create peaceful environments of South Sudanese in all the states.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Sunday during the launch, the Executive Director for Duluit Community Organisation Mr Baajok Maduuk said that the introduction of peace building mechanism like sports should be in place in order to unite the community.

“Social fabrics are really scattered that require us to do a lot of work to introduce what we call peace building through sports so that peaceful coexistence happens among the youth,” said Maduuk.

“Youth are the agents for change and peace and they are also agents for destruction. We want to use youth to utilize the potential they have for the betterment of this country,” he added.

During the launch, Duluit FC played Independent FC of Munuki where Duluit FC won by 2-0.

Maduuk emphasized that the Organisation would be able to sustain the team in order to compete with other teams at the national level.

On   his part, Captain of the team Mr. Wol Deng Wol welcomed the initiative saying through football, players will be able to know each other beginning from the national level up to the state level.

“The sport will not just end here in Juba, if we have resources we shall also reach the community in the States and that would be through playing football,” said Deng.

He said the youth at the state level would be encouraged to play other teams at the national level in order to select the best players that would play for the national team.

“We only have the problem of football team equipment like shoes and uniforms but we started it successfully and it will succeed,” Deng said.

Meanwhile Mr. Dau Bul, Duluit FC Coach said the team is capable to face any team at the national level because the players are young and energetic.

“The only thing I need is support in order for me to be able to train my players well. They can be fit to compete nationally and now I can see some changes among them,” Bul said.

Football as one of the uniting sports game has remained a challenge in the country following the insecurity and economic hardship that hit many upcoming teams.






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