Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

My good friend in public service, Minister Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec talked of food security during the second day of the Made in South Sudan exhibitions at the Nyakuron Cultural Centre this week on Tuesday. Or l may have forgotten. It was the World Food Day. The venue does not really matter. What is important is that it is not the first time the good Minister was talking about food security so that the country could be self-reliant and store plenty for now and the future. This time he took it a bit further by calling on citizens to prepare to go back to the land and dig and produce if they were to be taken seriously in food production and for food security in the country. We cannot dispute the fact that for the five years many citizens were displaced due to circumstances beyond their own control. It is this suffering which activated the move to broker for peace by the leadership. We are of the sound opinion and mind that the work was appropriately and properly done by the executive and the team. There must be a timeline for everything and for the Minister in charge Agriculture whose docket includes food security among others is right in appealing for more production. With enough food and shelter other necessities will just fall into place. Exposure and commitment will see this reality come true amongst those who had earlier been affected and who are willing and wishing to be back in their own land and country to carry out development activities among them food production. Reports emanating from some sections or areas of fresh fighting should be addressed and brought to an end for the sake of the people who have been subjected to war mongering and fight for five years. Reasons should prevail in our midst that enough is enough and sanity should take the centre stage of bringing tall the communities together. To work and live together in peace for the development of the country. This is a drum-beat which every citizen must play for the sake of all and the country. The expectations are high, the achievements are in abundance and reaping the fruits stands a million fold. What could therefore stop this country from moving forward with speed in the right direction to development activities? But more important the country and the leadership who braved this journey should stand out to be in the forefront of overseeing the cause to prosperity and meaningful development. Time for lip services should all be by-gone with the remaining time frame left to patching up the poked holes for the betterment. It should be the work of all to ensure this move is not left to few but enjoined collectively without division of tribal background and sectional alignments. There comes a time when the country is put in its right place by the right people. This is what should be seen to have and continue being done as has been demonstrated by the lea

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