The country must now direct its attention in agriculture considering what is going on in the world, particularly, this time of coronavirus. The dependence on oil is and will be long gone as the global prices sink lower and lower. The only solution to the impending hunger problem which is likely to hit the country if not contained now, must be to put all other activities aside and get serious into farming. There are possibilities of this season being of plenty as the new high yields maize breed are applied. The beckon of this new high yield has been appreciated. Time has come for serious consideration of other programs which would let the country move forward without much ado. It is true that the global price of oil is dwindling. It cannot be relied on wholly and fully. It cannot be forever depending on import of even perishable goods from neighbouring countries. It is high time for the government to do whatever is possible within the common-man’s reach to have parts of the country which are fertile and make agricultural viable. Experts must come out with long-term plans that will contain hunger by making other sectors workable and operational. Developed countries are always advancing one reason or another on the short falls or economic recession for the third world like the outbreak of Ebola and now coronavirus. Mostly these and others affect the economic growth in the third world, the more reasons why there should be alternatives which can withstand the local climate and situations. Food security must be given first priority because it is the basic requirements in every homestead.  With determination and coordinated program, the impossible can be turned to the possible. Let leaders preach the importance of food security in every part of this country. It must be done and this can only start from now.

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