Food prices have reduced

Traders in Juba said the prices of food commodities in the market have gradually reduced compared to the last month, but said that the prices are not yet “stabled” in the market.

One of the traders in custom market, Ahumad Gasim said prices of food commodities have reduced due to the food items that were recently imported by the government.

Gasim said he is very happy and still expected the government to import more food commodities in order to normalize the sky rocking prices of good once and for all.

“Even the wholesalers have decided to reduce their prices. I always buy from the wholesalers from within Knoykony market and sell to customers in kilograms at affordable prices,’’ he said.

Gasim said he always buys 50kg of maize floor from the wholesalers at 6,000 and he sells it at 6,500SSP, one sack of beans at 8,000SSP then later sells it at 150SSP per kilogram, 50Kg of sugar at 6,500 and sells it at 150SSP per kilogram and he buys 20litres of cooking oil at 3,500 and sells at 280SSP per 2.5ltrs

“Encouraged the citizens to go and cultivates as there is much rain this year compared to the last year’s in order to reduce food gap in the country.  If you produce your own food then you will only buy things like shops, sugar, and cooking oil,” he said.

Ahumad also urged the government to monitor those who import goods from outside country and sells in wholesale in South Sudan to at least gained abnormal profit either 5% from the money he spent buying, transportation and taxes the person paid.

Meanwhile, one of the consumers Jennifer Kiden said she was very happy and excited with reduction of prices in the market, ‘We urge the government to look into the problems and issues of the market kindly and seriously because when you are earning only 6,000SSP that will not sustain the family”.

Mary Apia, a small scale retailer at custom’s market said government should import food to fight hunger in the country saying that what she does is only helping sustaining her family. She said people who have nothing to do most of them have run to the UNMISS camp to earn free food.

Meanwhile Michael Sebit, a trader in Knoy kony market said prices of food commodities have a bit reduced compared to the previous months.

He hailed the government effort of importing food items to subsidize price in the markets saying the customers were complaining too much when the food were not imported.

The market of  Knoy Kony is the biggest market in Juba and other markets come and buy their items in wholesale and the wholesalers should not be the solution to the retailers traders and traders the solution to the customers. He added.

By Rose Keji Benjamin

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