Food items, money donated to Divine Mercy Orphanage center

By Nema Juma

Hotels and Catering Association has for the first time donated food items and money to the Divine Mercy Action for orphanage Center in Kabo at Kapuri to help the orphans amid coronavirus pandemic challenges.

Divine Mercy Action Orphanage Center currently is accommodating seventy six orphans, mainly those picked from the streets in Juba while others their mothers have been jailed in the prison as well as those whose parents had died.  

The event was represented by different organizations including the representative from the Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and tourism Madam Christine, representative from the Office of the Vice President for Gender cluster Ajak, Halla Bonni Alex from Tourism and Hotel Management defunct Jubek state and the representative of Business Union and Investment, Mr. Jallal Abdallah.

Addressing the Journalists during the occasion yesterday, the Chairperson of the Hotel and Catering Association Merhawi Mesfin announced a donation of some money to the Centre but did not disclose the amount to the media.

“There is no need to count it since it was not a matter of showing off but to help the vulnerable children in the Divine center,” he said.

“This is the beginning of donating, and this money and food that we have donated today will be for the period of one to three months and then we will give another one,” Mesfin said.

He called on other well-wishers do the same to help the children at the orphanage Centre since they were the future of the country.

Pastor Paulino appreciated all the Hotels and Catering Association for the donation, adding that the Center lacks water and health care and more beds to accommodate the children.

He said the orphanage Center has been launched three months ago due to the pressure of Covid-19, “we didn’t want to keep a big number in one place due to coronavirus and that’s why the condition of these children and the place is like this.”

The cleric stressed that some of those children their mothers have been sentenced to death in the prison and that the Centre was trying to cater for them and their basic needs.

He said vocation was a call from God and that God who is the father of all could change the lives of those children in future.

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