Food items in the market remain costly

By David Han Mario

Prices of food commodities in South Sudan remain very expensive because of the current economic crisis in the country.

Most consumers and business people complained about the high prices that stem from the tough economic times.

A spot check at Konyo Konyo Market confirmed the high prices of the basic commodities.

Manyiel Madok, a trader at the market, said commodities like a sack of maize flour sells at SSP9,550, sugar at SSP10,000,cooking oil at SSP5,500, beans at SSP12,000, a crate of tomatoes at SSP15,000, fresh meat at SSP1,500 while fish sells at SSP15,000 and a sack of onion at SSP25,000.

Furthermore most people lack jobs and this coupled with poverty and low levels of literacy have made life difficult for most people.

Many wonder how the world’s youngest nation continues to suffer high inflation rates at a time the country should be admired globally.

Some citizens complained of lack of basic commodities including maize flour, sugar and other assorted goods.

We need peace love and unity, so that the economy can recover and prices of commodities will reduce.

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