Going with reports that the Commissioner-General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Dr. Patrick K. Mugoya suspended the collection of taxes by customs officials speaks volumes of the lack of proper and appropriate communication among the public servants. NRA is quoting laws which should guide the officials on the collection of taxes which seems to have been put aside or kept in the shelves not to be used and instead some of the officials are using their own method which is not recommended in collecting money from traders. What is so difficult in public servants to follow the good order that is aimed at propelling the country to the next level of development. There are cases that some of those officials involved are not serving the interests of the country but lining their pockets with ill-gotten collection to the detriment of the innocent citizens. The socio-economic of the country cannot be based on mistrust orchestrated by some few elements whose interests do not represent those of the majority population. It is time those playing against the public requirements be thrown out of the public service delivery centres. Someone in authority should put it clear that there is no room for shoddy operations that are only meant to tarnish the image of the country and add more suffering the public who are already facing economic doldrums due to the global pandemic outbreak, COVID-19 coupled with the economic cold war and the world conflicts which rendered and displaced millions of people. How and why should some officials engaged in acts which seems to be sabotaging the country’s effort to improve the economy of the country through all possible means among them tax collection. The customs officials who have been stopped from collecting taxes whether temporary or not must be watched over their activities to go beyond their limit of jurisdiction. Their intentions must be questioned.

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