Focus on school: Rapper advices

By Mandela Nelson Denis

‘Focus on school’ is an open letter from rapper MGX aka Mangesto Bous to whoever is going to school, campus or institution.

MGX who works as a full-time as a public transport driver in Juba has now realized the significance of education. He does not want future generations to be trapped in his current predicament.

“School is everything for the next generation and that is why I have composed this ‘focus on school’ open letter to the youth, those who have dropout of school, should come back to their senses and rejoin school,” said MGX.

MGX raps in Arabic Juba commonly understood by majority of youth in Juba City so they can desist from criminal activities and embrace education.

“Education is the future and this is where I would like the youth to focus on education, your mind, body and soul in education and you will be whoever you want to be life,” MGX said.

Whoever wants quick money in life might not love the open letter by Rapper MGX who is against the youth who have resorted to prostitution, theft and other wrong ways of making money in the country.

MGX advises that any school going person without money should look for any positive way of making money to remain in school.

South Sudanese rappers play a very influential roles in educating the youth, because they have adopted the slangs loved by youth.


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