FLYING dead bodies to villages banned

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has warned he would ban taking dead bodies to the villages due to coronavirus or other diseases as a major step to safeguard locals from the risk of the pandemic.

While the president admitted the surge of the pandemic in the country, he disclosed the intended move would protect the locals from the remains of the deceased because of the spiking virus.

Of late, the rate at which people were dying had sharply increased in the country.

However, President Kiir admitted some of the people had recently died either from coronavirus or other diseases.

“Because of this, tomorrow (Tuesday), I will issue orders that whoever dies again here in Juba, the remains should not be taken to their villages. If maybe the person dies of coronavirus, he would infect other people in the localities,” he said on Monday evening at his residence.  

The president revealed that whoever dies in Juba would be buried here without evacuation

“In this way, whoever dies here must be buried here in Juba. I will put this statement into writing tomorrow referring to Tuesday,” he said.

He advised the people not to make fan of coronavirus instead resort to preventative measures.

The president urged the citizens to refocus their energies on the social distancing and use of masks to protect themselves from the virus

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