Higher Education Minister calls for reconciliation

Youth Mama Dance Group in Bor of Jonglei State attending the inauguration of Dr. John Garang Memorial University Library (photo by Opio Jackson)

By Opio Jackson 

The Minister of High Education, Science and Technology has called on the citizens to reconcile to allow the country attain durable peace.

Justice Yien Oral Lam Tut said after the destructive war, he believes everybody had come to his or her sense to admit that enough is enough and that peace and development need to be given chance.

The Minister made the remark during the inauguration of Dr. John Garang Memorial University Library in Bor on Wednesday. The Library was constructed by United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) with support from the donors.


He reiterated that it was time for foreign investors and international institutions to come to South Sudan in order to move the country forward.

“You need to reconcile with your neighbors, community and the colleagues at the work place. We need to identify the challenges that are not allowing us to move forward,” Lam said.

“Reconciliation is the only way for us to move forward and without reconciliation peace will never come. Even that peace we are expecting to be brought from somewhere. It needed hearts to be poured in,” he said.

He said south Sudan is a rich country with a lot resources but only needed determination and education, adding that there was need to prioritize the national budget on education once peace returns in the country.

Mr. Lam stressed that with all these abundant resources we have in place, without education we would not bale to benefit from them. “Education solves problems of economy, health sectors and many others,” he said.


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