Floods kill 18 people in Kapoeta

By Morris Dogga

At least 18 people have been confirmed dead in Kapoeta after a four-day heavy rainfall caused flash floods that swept through a village, the State Information Minister confirmed.

Joseph Kabaka Atiol, the State Minister of Information for Kapoeta State told Juba Monitor in a phone interview yesterday that the people died in two different incidences in Nacknac Payam East of Kapoeta town along Kapoeta-Narus Road.

“Three days ago a village was flooded and six people died. Three children, two men and one woman,” Kabaka said.

He said another eight people lost their lives when their car was carried away by the flash floods in the same place.

“They were in the car and the car was swept away by the water. Five men, a small girl, a woman and another person whose body was found yesterday,” the Minister said.

He added that other two people got drowned in one of the rivers while two others were found dead after they were struck by lightning.

“The total number of people who were killed is 18 people,” Minister Kabaka revealed.

The level of damage caused by the floods has not yet been determined but the Minister said the State Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) will make an assessment of the village to find out the level of damages caused by the floods.

Minister Kabaka stated that the government was doing its best to help those affected by the floods.

Kapoeta State has been experiencing consecutive heavy rains for the last four days causing heavy flash floods from the Didinga hills.

The IGAD Climate Prediction and Application Centre (ICPAC) climatic outlook report that covers October, November and December early this week indicated that there is likely to be more rainfall in the IGAD region.

According to the outlook, the northern parts of the region that includes Southern parts of South Sudan, south and central parts of Ethiopia and some parts of Somalia would experience heavy rainfalls in the next coming months.

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