Flood victims should be supported

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Media report that over 600,000 people have been displaced by flooding within the country is really alarming. The information further said this number was only within two days period of time and it was not the first time that flood affected people in the country. It means the number was big if we got the records right from the beginning of rainy season.

Rain is good if it did not affect civilians in the country. It helps in agriculture and makes weather become fine for human beings to live in. If it becomes too much, it causes destructions and displacement of people in the country like what was reported in the media. That is to say too much of anything is bad whether it is food, rain and any other thing that has connection with the lives of human beings.

However, reasonable rain helps farmers to cultivate and produce good crops at the end of the year. The opposite is that if the rain is too much, it affects the production, famers will not benefit from it in agricultural activities.

The population displaced by flood within two days was a big number, it needs attention of everybody. Humanitarian Organizations can help for the reason that, it is their work to render such services to the needy. Not forgetting good Samaritans, traders, charitable Organizations and anybody with good heart can help also. These people have nothing to sustain their lives at the moment. They need assistance in cash and in material forms. For them to get better services, committees should be formed to cater for their needs. The work of those committees is to see the services and collect the assistance from people. To organize flood victims and identify their needs accordingly and to coordinate their needs with others for better services.

However, announcement should be made for people to contribute for them. The committee formed should be responsible for collecting contribution from people according to the zones. The nature of the committee should be people who are trusted and honest; otherwise the assistance cannot reach the needy as expected.

May God bless us all.

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