The current rainy season had been predicted in advance by the weathermen and there was time to take proper measures against the marooning flood which is now claiming people’s lives in different parts of the country. What those affected would have done earlier to protect themselves to safety is what they are doing now. Moving to safer ground which they had ignored. The authorities in the affected areas are doing little if anything to arrest the situation. It cannot be spoon-feeding forever and people must start realizing the danger of flood if and when announced earlier. Nobody wants to die and why they wait until the last minute beats all logics. It is commonly known that rain has seasons and these are well-calendared with the metrological department and units to guide the citizens on the expectation of the day or season. Flood has submerged many parts year in year out without the authorities doing much promises. There have been massive destruction of property due to lack of awareness and preparedness. It is like when the rainy season is over, people forget the past act and forge ahead with life as if nothing had happened.There are those who have refused to be moved to safer areas because of traditional and cultural beliefs. A change of behaviors must be coined to help the situation if and when it occurs. In some overseas countries, failing to adhere to weather focus in itself is punishable and even for weathermen to give wrong prediction, they equally face the same action. To wear the wrong attire during these period of time is regrettable and is not allowed. Indeed, both the state and the national governments should not relent in efforts to ensure the safety of all against the flood. It is possible and can be controlled in a sure way if the will and the desire for public awareness are applied. These steps should be put in place now for the benefit of the future.

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