FLOOD, Health ministry to combat effects

By Kitab A Unango

The National Ministry of Health and partners have staged a scheme to support flood affected people in the country.

Thousands of South Sudanese have been reportedly displaced in some parts of the country by heavy floods prompting President Salva Kiir to declare state of emergency in the affected areas.

The most affected areas included Pibor, Maban and Uror in Upper Nile region and Tonj North in Bahr el Ghazal.

Yesterday, the National Minister of Health, Dr. Riak Gok Kok held a meeting with health partners in the country to find better ways of supporting people in the affected regions.

Speaking after the meeting, Dr. Gai said they have formed a body headed by Health Cluster Coordinator to device viable ways to save lives of people affected.

“Given the President’s order on 29th October declaring state of emergency in areas affected by the flood, we in the health sector have to come together to think and gather information about the damages caused by the flood,” Dr. Gai said.

“The meeting concluded by forming a body headed by the health cluster to ensure lives of our innocent people are saved. The precious lives of our people should be our first concern, we cannot afford to lose innocent lives, the government and the President is working for,” he added.

Dr. Gai also announced that the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States have made some donations to help the situation of the people affected.

“We give thanks to the government of UK for their one million Starling pounds donation through our partners for hiring helicopters as well as the United States for providing health equipments to affected people,” he said.

Ms. Magda Armah, Health Cluster Coordinator decried the status of the flooding saying they would work closely with the government to ensure people affected are provided with basic needs.

“Flood response is one of the emergencies that can happen unfortunately in South Sudan is on the big scale. This time we shall work with the ministry to make sure services reached affected people,” Magda said.

Media reports have indicated that apart from flooding, people in the affected places are being affected by malaria, diarrhea, measles and snake bites. 

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