Flood halt businesses in Elegu-Nimule

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The heavy down pour on Tuesday disorganized businesses at Elegu border, two and a half kilometers from Nimule where many South Sudanese cross to buy food commodities.

Mathew Tako, a resident of Nimule told Juba Monitor on phone that the heavy rain caused a lot of distraction that interrupted the flow of cross border businesses.

Till yesterday, people were trying to clean up the mess caused by the torrential down pour, Tako said.

“The rain was so heavy, the park of Elegu, URA offices, Kiosks were all submerged with water, some items were destroyed,” he said. Today (Wednesday) people are trying to clean the mess,” said Tako.

The heavy rain did not affect business in Nimule town according to the source, but many women who crossed to buy food commodities from Elegu market were affected since the market area was all flooded.

“Elegu market is still flooded and it has affected the women from Nimule, who go to Elegu to buy commodities for sale,” he said.

Tako further explained that on Tuesday movement was limited as the flood would not allow people to cross to Nimule but added the situation had improved and that people started crossing on Wednesday an indication that businesses at the border was getting back to normal.

There was no death reported as a result of the rain and, only distraction of commodities of the business community was experienced.

The flood was caused by heavy rainfall that filled river Ayamato which later overflow in to the area.

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