Flood displaces residents in Aweil

By Moses Gum

Thousands of residents have been displaced by flood in Aweil state.

The stagnant water forced many people to vacate their houses to reside along the railway line.

Some of the residents who spoke to Juba Monitor said their lives were at risk as all the belongings had been washed away by the floods.

“We are currently living in a very terrible situation. All our properties are destroyed including food and other essential items,” said Abuk Deng a mother of 6 kids.

She said besides hunger, health issues like malaria are also threatening the lives of her children.

Abuk said she has no hope of staying in a good condition with her children for she lost everything.

“I remain in a critical life with my children. The little food I had got damaged by the rain water. My children do spend days without food. The life is unpredictable,” she narrated.

She reiterated that food, non-food items and lack of health services still remain a major challenge to flood affected persons.

“We want help with my children. If there is no help at all then I am worried how I may survive with my kids,” she said.

Abuk stated that she was relaying on her crops in the farm but now the flood has destroyed everything.

She appealed to the government and humanitarian partners to rescue their situation as soon as possible.

An anonymous source told Juba Monitor that last month one person had been killed by the flood in the area.

“You know this flood is too much. It has destroyed everything. One child lost the life when it sung in water without the knowledge of the parents,” the sources said.

“Most people are likely to be affected by waterborne diseases in this area due to this continuous flood.”

State authorities said the flood has damaged many farmlands and affected many residents, a move they described will put the state on risk of hunger by early next year.

Tong Aken Ngo, a senior official said his administration was working with partners to ensure that the situation was brought on control.

He said the government opened up water channels to reduce the level of stagnant water.

Northern Bahr El-Ghazal State is a disaster area following floods that swept many parts of it. It is one of the lowland states in South Sudan. In 2008, 2010, the state has experienced heavy flooding, which displaced about 70,000 people.


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