The government has promised to contain the insecurity and flood crisis in the country, particularly in the affected areas where a team of personnel have been dispatched to assess and provide humanitarian assistance to the affected. This move if true could be supported by each and every one who has the feeling for disaster management. All could be involved. But the picture from the ground seems to be giving different images. Those affected seems to be giving contradicting information from what the government through the Ministry of Humanitarian is saying. The victims of the flood says they have not seen or received any assistance save for few drops of food items in isolated or few areas. It is not for speculation but there must be some elements of truth from those affected. Cases of insecurity in these areas are also an eyesore to the general public which should not be left to hang about for long. Indeed the government formed a committee to look into the cases. Could there be reasons why the committee apart from visiting parts of the affected areas is silent over their findings. The findings should touch on the root-causes and made public so that future occurrences are minimized. The Ministry should put actual act in place and monitor the distribution of humanitarian assistances to those who are in urgent need of such. Cases of those affected sheltering in schools and churches are on-going. However these actions are temporary. Permanent solutions should be put in place to help in future. The other humanitarian key organizations operating in the country both national and international should be in the forefront to help the government in solving the flood and insecurity cases in these prone areas. Their goodwill will be remembered by those they will have helped in one way or another.

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