FLUCTUATION USD up and down against SSP

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The South Sudanese Pounds has started weakening against the United States dollars days after it gained value following the swearing in of the Vice Presidents.

Two days ago, the buying price for one hundred United States dollars was ranging between twenty-five thousand to twenty-two thousand South Sudanese Pounds.

Juba Monitor did market survey and found out that the South Sudanese Pounds got weaker compared to the US dollars.

At Custom Market, majority of the forex bureaus were buying US dollars at twenty-eight thousand South Sudanese Pounds.

While at Konyo-Konyo Market, some people were buying US dollars at twenty-eight thousand and five hundred South Sudanese Pounds.

There are official rates of buying and selling the hard currency within the black market and this has made the dealers to sell or buy the US dollars at their own rates.

After the vice presidents were sworn in by President Salva Kiir Mayardit, South Sudanese Pounds gained strength and raised the hopes of majority of South Sudanese.

However, there is great hope that the economy of the country will improve upon full formation of the government of national unity.

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