Nimule Border is the main lifeline for South Sudanese where essential goods are imported. It is alarming that over five hundred trucks have been grounded due to power blackout. The government must act now to rescue the situation otherwise prices of basic commodities in the market will rise steeply. The market is already volatile making it impossible for the ordinary citizens to buy food for their families. Many citizens are already stuck like the trucks at the Nimule Border. Some of these trucks carry perishable goods. It is truly a disappointment for the traders which if they continue to stay at the border, they will incur terrible losses. The clearing and forwarding agents have already lamented that the situation was stressing them since they could not proceed with the checking of the consignments that come into the country due to failed air conditioners. Another concern here is the parking fee; are these truck drivers going to continue paying until the condition is fixed? This is really a very unfortunate situation. That means without quick intervention from the national government, the consumable goods will perish and there will be scarcity of goods in the market especially food items. Therefore, as the New Year approaches, the citizens want to see new and prosperous South Sudan full of peace and reconciliation. The nationals want to live and move freely in a country where business is booming without power blackout. It is worth mentioning that power blackout at Nimule border is a big blow to the businessmen and women in the country. The government should work hard for peace, unity and reconciliation so that the rest of the border points in the country become operational. We would love to see the opening of Kaya, Congo, Sudan and many other borders to boost flexibility in trade.

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