Fix killer bridges

By Paul Jimbo

For the second week running we have been treated to sad news on killer bridges across the country, more so during the current rainy season. Early this week, several people lost their lives on the jinxed Luri Bridge while other loss of lives has been reported elsewhere. It is not enough to report about the incidents but begin asking questions that would provide answers and long lasting solutions. The fact that we lose lives every year and on the same spots for the same reasons is enough evidence that we need to fix the problem. For example, we all know that Luri Bridge plays a significant role in connecting Juba with most parts of Western Equatoria region. Unfortunately, this bridge has been left to fate and remains a pale shadow of its own builders’ dreams and visions. While it was envisaged that the bridge would enhance mobility and accessibility, unfortunately the compounding situation is the opposite, the same facility that should boost our economy has become a death trap. The same facility that should be improving our livelihoods has turned its daggers against innocent lives and now bays for our blood with near utmost impunity. The fact that there is a bridge called Luri Bridge is yet evidence that there is movement of people and goods and this has a direct bearing on our economy. It is not enough to lament about the killer bridges, including the Wau and Aweil ones but it is important to find a lasting solution to these perennial problems. The poor conditions of the bridges are enough evidence of their compromised quality of works. It seems like someone cheated us, got our money and just did a shoddy job on the bridges. We must ensure certain standards are met by contractors to deliver quality results. Kindly fix the Luri bridges alongside many more bridges across the country.

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