Five tractors distributed to boost Agricultural production in Mundri

By Ochan David

Farmers and cooperative groups in Mundri East and Mundri West Payams breathed a sigh of relief after they were provided with five mini tractors and given training on basic agronomic practice through the help from mercy corps food security and livelihood program

Members of communities from the ten Payams were also trained on how to operate, handle minor repairs, and access spare parts for the modified hand tractor

The tractors will be shared among groups of former ten payams.

This initiative has a very great impact on the communities and if emulated, would have a significant effect on the economy and the GDP of the country, it has also led to a revival of the existing cooperative groups that deal in Lulu production, organizes farmers(producers), and trained them with new agricultural production techniques and post-harvest handling that is aimed at increasing farmers’ yield in staple and vegetable crop production in all the params in Mundri east and west.

This strategic resilience approached intent to improve the well-being of people in the rural areas, making use of the skills, knowledge, and enabling environment facilitated by the program

Mrs. Millie Gabriel, the head of the group that deals in Lulu production in Mundri west who is also the beneficiary of the STREAM project being implemented by Mercy Corps in Mundri, said the income they obtain from selling Lulu products has helped them to provide meals and pay school fees for the children.

 “The income we obtain through the production of Lulu has helped the group mainly women to provide meals and pay school fare for the children. Our key challenge is that we need more support to encourage the collection of peanuts to expound production” she explained.

Millie said the STREAM project has enabled women in Mundri to produce different types of materials using peanuts, this includes, cooking oil, smearing oil, and lips sticks. Another key component of this project is that 6 community roads were rehabilitated to enable farmers to have access to markets, construction of youth centers, storage facilities, and markets.

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