Five killed, one wounded as gunmen attack relief boat

By Chany Ninrew

At least five civilians killed and one wounded following the attacked on the two humanitarians boats by unknown gunmen.

The incident that occurred on Tuesday a few kilometers from Shambe, Northeast of Lakes State happened at 12: 00 PM noon.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in interviews on phone, Deng Gatjaka, one of the survivors narrated that incident happened when they left Bor to Leer in the morning hours.

 “We left Bor in a convoy of two boats, which sailed at a good distance from each other. The first boat was light and the second boat which we were in was overloaded. As we sailed, we heard two gunshots and we asked what happened, but after hearing no more of the shooting, we thought they were hunters,” said Gatjaka.

According to him (Gatjaka) and the other passengers didn’t quickly realized that the first boat had been attacked.

“When we arrived at the place of shooting, there were sound of gunshots all around and our boat stopped in the middle off the river. It had been shot and the engine was disabled,” he said.

Gatjaka said they saw 8 men aiming their guns at the boat as they sailed their canoe toward them. “They jumped into the boat and told us to be on one side. One man was called and asked if he were a soldier and after denying, he was shot dead on spot. Again, they shot dead two more men among us and asked the women to carry them to the water, “he said .

“When we knew that we would all be killed one by one, we jumped into the river and they shot three of us as we were swimming. It was only after they heard an helicopter flying by that they thought it must be a government boat, so they robbed and left.”

The survivors were then sailed along in their disabled boat where they caught up with the first boat, which also had some mechanical problems. After fixing the technical issue, they finally arrived at Adok Port.

 However, an official in Leer, James Kueth confirmed the incident. Most of the victims were from Unity State.

I his part in Juba the Police spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin also confirmed the incident. “The boats were attacked on the way from Bor to Unity State and five people were killed, but I don’t know exactly how many people were injured,” he confirmed.

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